/r/The_Donald is a right-wing subreddit that promotes US president Donald Trump, as well as American right-wing politics.

History Edit

Origins (June - August 2015) Edit

/r/The_Donald was founded on 27 June 2015 by /u/jcm267, 11 days after trump announced his bid for presidency.

An enduring, But wrong myth is that /r/The_Donald started as satire or a joke before being taken over by serious people, Usually framed as being Russian bots, Or Members of the alt-right. However, A look at the Wayback Machine shows that /r/The_Donald was serious from the start.

The early days of /r/The_Donald were marked by most posts being by /u/jcm267. There were very few memes and the stickied post openly bragged about banning a /r/WhiteRights user, Who he called a Nazi. WhiteRights protested on several basis, Including that Trump had special appeal to White nationalists, Due to his anti-immigration stance.

Subreddit rulesEdit

  1. No Spamming.
  2. No Trolling.
  3. No Racism/Anti-Semitism.
  4. No Releasing Personal Information or Doxxing.
  5. No Vote Manipulation, Brigading, or Asking for Votes.
  6. No BernieBots, HillShills, or SJWs.
  7. No Posts Related to Being Banned from Other Subreddits.
  8. No Posts About Subreddit Suggestions or Concerns (Use Modmail Instead).
  9. No Posts About Trump Assassination Threats (Send screenshots and an link to the FBI).
  10. AfterBerners (Former BernieBots) MUST Assimilate.

If you feel you were banned by mistake, you are free to appeal by sending us a polite message via Modmail.

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Subreddit issuesEdit

  • In light of the accusations of censorship on /r/news concerning the Orlando shooting, they claim to be a bastion of free speech.[1]



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