r/Politics is a subreddit for left wing college students and unwashed liberal hippies. Typical posts on r/politics include:
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r/Politics Reddit meetup

  • "Liberals are the best and r/politics is correct on the topic at hand - Martin Luther King"
  • "Corporations are evil. Sent from my iphone."
  • "Police shot my dog and tased my 93 year old grandmother!"
  • "Why can't I bring a butcher knife through airport security? The TSA should be disbanded!"
  • "We were protesting on private property when we were forcibly moved by police. FREE SPEECH IN AMERICA IS DEAD!"
  • "The Patriot Act is literally Hitler!"
  • "Ron Paul said something about the legalization of weed!"
  • "Wait, Ron Paul believes in Creationism? That guy can go to hell!"
  • "The Jews control the White House and the media . That's why we send money to Israel."
  • "Fox News? More like FAUX News! Only idiots read that biased nonsense!"
  • "Hey guys, look at this opinion piece that I found on!"
  • "Hey guys, look at this post from Alternet!"
  • "Hey guys, this piece from the Daily Kos parrots the worldview that we have!"
  • "The GOP is basically the same thing as the American Nazi party!"
  • "Why are conservatives dumber than liberals?"
  • "Why can't everyone see the world through the eyes of a far-left college-going teenager like me?"
  • "Elizabeth Warren just said something bad about rich people. Upvotes to the left."
  • "Socialism is actually a pretty good economic system."
  • "I don't understand why conservatives automatically assume that liberals like socialism."
  • "Health care should be free for everyone."
  • "Education should be free and I shouldn't have to pay back the loans that I took out during college."

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