King of r/gaming

r/gaming is a subreddit for unabashed hipsters that like to circlejerk about vintage arcade games and indie releases. This subreddit will beat a joke to death and then proceed to have intercourse with its dead carcass.

Posts found on r/gaming

The majority of r/gaming content consists of played-out memes and posts that repeatedly express disdain towards mainstream games and consoles.

  • "OMG, why do so many people play Call of Duty? Why can't they play the same games that I like?"
  • "When did you realize that EA is no better than the Gestapo?"
  • "I hate modern games. None of them are as innovative as the 7th Pokemon game that I bought yesterday."
  • "Look at this (item) that my (spouse/partner) made me! It was inspired by an extremely popular game that was released in the early-mid 90s!"
  • "HAHA, all console players are philistines compared to us anti-social neckbearded PC-playing gods!"
  • "Piracy should be a human right."
  • "Why don't big video game companies let me download their games for free?!"
  • "DAE remember Mario?"

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