Typical r/conspiracy submitter.

r/Conspiracy is a subreddit for edgy teenagers, schizophrenic basement dwellers, gun-toting libertarians and white nationalists. Typical posts include:
  • "The mainstream media is preventing Ron Paul from becoming president!"
  • "A friend of a friend told me that the Zionist Jews have been planting listening devices on cats."
  • "Come on guys. Hitler wasn't actually that bad."
  • "The mainstream media is full of Western propaganda! For the truth, you should check out this article from Iranian Press TV!"
  • "Some guy on Reddit disagreed with me and told me that my links to didn't count as evidence. When's the last time you came across a paid shill?"
  • "9/11 was an inside job! Why can't you pathetic sheeple WAKE UP and understand this?"
  • "Jews did 9/11."

White Nationalists / Stormfront Members

r/Conspiracy was infiltrated and taken over by White Nationalists after a number Stormfront members realized that they could post links to antisemitic articles and receive upvotes for them.

To put this into perspective, the third-top mod on the r/Conspiracy moderator panel is a user called "Soccer". "Soccer" owns a number of white nationalist subreddits and considers himself to be a "Holocaust revisionist". Soccer's posting history in other subreddits is extremely revealing:

  • He sought permission to take over the subreddit: r/AdolfHitler. This request was turned down after a Reddit user informed the admins that "Soccer" was a white nationalist.
  • Currently controls r/Holocaust, on which he has given himself the flair/tag "revisionist". This subreddit is currently being used by other white nationalists to discuss the finer points of Holocaust Denial.
  • After Hitler's parents graves were vandalized, he claimed that "the Jews" were behind it, calling it "Jew Rage".
  • He has posted a number of articles from, which is a white nationalist website that uses the tagline: "White Identity, Interests and Culture".
  • He setup and controls the subreddits r/AmericanJewishPower and r/BritishJewishPower.
  • Posted a link that claimed the "Frankish Jews committed the Holocaust".