r/4chan a place where edgy teenage Redditors can pretend that they are veteran 4chan users by repeatedly spamming the words "faggot" and "nigger". The goal of the subreddit is to try and "out-oldfag" your fellow Redditors by being 2edgy4u and by making references to memes that you stumbled across on Know Your Meme. If you are unsure about how to receive upvotes on r/4chan, simply play it safe by calling the OP a fag or by telling people that the thread you are posting in smells like summer.


haha, a meme!

On r/4chan, you will find hundreds of screenshots of greentext stories containing fictional events and characters. The most popular stories are the ones that your typical fedora-donning Redditor wants to believe are true. Examples of greentext stories that will undoubtely receive the most upvotes:
  • Story about a man defeating an irrational transgender feminist lesbian.
  • Something about black people.
  • Something about Jews , from the insightful members over on /pol/.
  • Something about an ignorant fat customer getting their comeuppance.
  • Story/argument showing America in a less-than-positive light. Usually centering around things like open-carry guns and healthcare .