Memegate 2013 (aka Le May May June) refers to a schism that occurred on the subreddit r/Atheism during the summer of 2013. 

The infighting began when r/atheism moderator jij requested that top mod and r/atheism founder "skeen" be removed due to months of inactivity. In response, the Reddit administrators accepted his request as it adhered to their general policy of removing useless shitheads from the mod lists of popular subreddits.

After skeen was kicked to the curb, jij immediately setup a new set of rules that were intended to increase the overall quality of the subreddit. One of the rules stated:

Links to images or image-only content (imgur or image blogs) are disallowed as direct links - instead please submit these as self-posts and put the links within the self-post content. This policy is in attempt to allow relevant images while cutting down on what are essentially karma whoring and cheap content posts. For a well-written explanation of what "cheap content" means for a subreddit, please see here. If you wish to post memes or facebook screenshots as direct links, please see the appropriate spin-off subs already referenced as submit buttons in the sidebar.

The response to this particular rule was deafening as it meant that the subreddit would no longer be dedicated to advice animal memes and pictures of Neil deGrasse Tyson. Fury and anger immediately spilled out onto the front page of r/atheism as fedora-wearing neckbeards and edgy teenagers alike lashed out against jij and his war against their le epic may mays xD. One highly-upvoted submission read:

I looked here for some fun contra religious memes and jokes on a daily basis. Now this is just a place to talk about stuff, which is sometimes fine but needs more time then just clicking on some images.

Another poster told readers that memes had actually converted him to atheism:

I wouldn't be here posting this now without the ragecomics and Facebook screencaps and meme images. their humor brought me to the place where I could accept the criticism the more serious conversations threw at me.

A few hours after the revolt had begun, r/atheism founder skeen returned to try and reclaim what he thought was rightfully his. After telling people that "Socrates had literally died for this shit", he went on to lecture people about the importance of letting angsty teenagers submit unfunny image macros to Reddit. After his sense of self-importance had reached critical levels and he could no longer contain them, skeen went onto create an AMA thread, in which he stated:

Insofar as I needed to log on every 30 days, yes. But mostly, no! I created this was active, growing...I should not have been taken away from my own sub, regardless of the fact I didn't log in to this account for 30 days. If jij wanted to implement some new policies, and do things their own way, they should have started their own damn sub! This was not theirs to take.

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