FreeEBOOKS is a subreddit dedicated to providing free E-books for offline readers.

Subreddit rulesEdit

Subreddit rules are posted on their wiki.

  • Your post must contain a link to an ebook(s) that can be downloaded for free.
  • No illegal torrents, illegal downloads, etc. Links to pirated content will be removed. Legal torrents are welcome
  • Any book which is only free with special instructions or requirements (social media, coupon codes, etc) must clearly lay out such requirements without ambiguity or else risk removal by moderators. When in doubt use a self post and explain exactly how one gets the free ebook.
  • Books that are only free with a paid membership (such as a Kindle Unlimited subscription) do not count as free, and will be removed by the moderators.
  • Posts from authors are most welcome. Tell us a little about yourself and your book(s). Use "I'm An Author" link flair
  • Follow good Reddiquette. Constructive criticism is fine when authors post their own work
  • No referral links. In particular, no Amazon referral links. If you see one, please report it. We've also employed AutoModerator to help in the removal of them.
  • Please follow the posting guidelines to make it easier to sort everything
  • If you see an ebook that is no longer free please use the message the moderators button to let us know
  • If your post is NSFW please mark it as such.
  • Do not resubmit an ebook that has been posted in the past 30 days, even if the links to go different websites hosting the same ebook. If the old link has expired and is no longer free, it's okay to submit a new link to the new free version.